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AmoreNetwork.com Steps Up To Help Unemployed

June 14 - 2011, Venice, FL AmoreNetwork.com introduced a new technology for its' social network platform by integrating a feature for helping companies reach out the broadcast open jobs for they are hiring. No other social network has yet to give such a comprehensive tool for aiding to reduce the US unemployment scenario.


After looking at the daily reports on the state of the US economy, and wanting to get help for the country's jobless, founder Richard Meyers decided to make a difference. "So much of an effort is put into a job search, but so many millions of unemployed have the same complaint of sending out dozens or even hundreds of resumes with no response" states Meyers. "If there could be a way for communities to be able to replenish their employment pool, and effectively advertise all types of jobs easily, then I felt I had a social responsibility to make this technology available to the masses" he adds.


Currently, companies turn to venues for advertising like Craigslist, and possibly some major job sites, but what about the small business owner who just needs to find people easily? There are all types of job websites which are local, but if you ask the average job seeker, and they have no idea where to look in their community or region.  The biggest issue is the anonymous formats that so many of these websites allow. If someone wants to work for a business, they want to be able to know who it is, all about the company, and be secure in their choices.


So what AmoreNetwork.com job search feature was intended to do is to allow a company to put up a profile and advertise all about their company, and then post positions open for new hires. Respondents can search easily for jobs in the position categroies they desire to find employment, as well as also post JOB WANTED listings where tehy can list thier experience and what types of jobs they are looking for as well as the experience they have.


"Once a person logs into the site and go to their account page, they will be able to locate new postings of jobs available withing their same city easily without ever having to make big searches through complex sites. Additionally, they can add local companies to their FIRENDS list, and get updates of new job postings immediately in their profile. No other site will do this in a format that is as effective as what we have employed here at AmoreNetwork.com" states Meyers.


If our government cannot seem to help the job market, AmoreNetwork.com is stepping up to the plate with a big effort to connect all types of business with people looking to work. Not only will this possibly help the local economies with keeping people in the local area instead of moving, but it also boosts the region by limiting the possibility of more foreclosures and heling the economy rebound.job search, employment, jobs, business, resumes

2775 days ago
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