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I like having a good time and I enjoy my life. I just want to smile, live and laugh and enjoy the remainder of my wonderful life in peace. I have been described as very funny, fun to be around and a good guy. I live a simple life. I love my job, which is not like work at all, more like fun. I like to travel, I have traveled so far to over 30 states, 3 continents, several foreign countries, a lot of the Caribbean. I think that life should be fulfilling and satisfying, full of richness and excellence. I quest daily to fulfill the dreams and aspiration I have within me, to move towards what I want and desire and move away from what I do not want. I have some major attainable goals set before me and I look forward to the challenge.. Working to the fullest before retirement. I have lived a good life and I am looking forward to having what I need in my golden years. I am having fun along the way. I enjoy watching a Thunderstorm, i like boating, sailing, I like flying. I like sunrises and sunsets, I like getting my feet wet when walking on the beach. I like picking up shells and anything else that I find unique or fascinating. I like healthy living, I exercise regularly, I eat greens daily, I love to juice fruits and vegetables. I am honest and sincere faithful and loyal. I am a romantic. I like holding the door open and being courteous and kind. I am a giver that knows how to receive. I am confident. I am passionate. I am quiet and reserved, yet outgoing, strong and confident. I like sincere, kind and gentle words. I stand solidly on my own 2 feet and enjoy life. I like me and I like who I am becoming. I am a man of morals and values. I believe in God and I believe He is good, is on my side and has given me favor, I like that a lot....John :-)

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Fun, Fun, Fun!
United States
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